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The Types Of Teeth Whitening Options Available To You

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Are you interested in getting a whiter smile, but are not sure what type of teeth whitening option to choose? There are different kinds of teeth whitening options out there, and by choosing the right one you can enjoy a whiter smile at the right price for you. With that thought in mind here are the top teeth whitening options out there:

Pharmacy Products

There are a variety of teeth whitening kits that you can find at your local pharmacy, and they are as follows:

  • Mouthwash: for a quick and easy teeth whitening method, you can opt for mouthwash with small levels of peroxide. However, this method can take a long time to show progress since the amount of time the peroxide is in contact with your teeth is around 60 seconds.
  • Strips: for a more effective option you can opt for strips that have a coating of peroxide. You would wear these for a period of two weeks, and about 30 minutes per day.
  • Gel: this type of treatment is similar to that of strips, because you have to apply them for a period of time every day. To achieve the shade of white that you want you'll have to select the right strength of gel.

Dental Office Whitening

For a professional approach to teeth whitening, making a visit to a cosmetic dental office is the right choice. The most common method that a dentist will opt for is a gel that has a concentrate of peroxide that's much higher than what you will find over the counter. It works by breaking the bonds of the particles which stain your teeth – this procedure can take up to an hour.

You can expect dentists to use a laser which helps activate the peroxide in the gel. This greatly increases the effectiveness of the tooth whitening process. 

Dentist Prescribed At Home Treatments

For an approach that will prevent you from having to make frequent dental office visits try a dentist prescribed kit. This option offers a custom made tray that is designed to fit comfortably in your mouth. Then you would apply the gel so that you are getting a similar kind of treatment to what you would at a dental office.

The advantage of opting for this method over the pharmacy products is the ability to have your progress overseen by a dentist. They can make correct changes if the teeth whitening is not moving along as smoothly as it should. However, this option is more expensive than opting for pharmacy products.