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Oral Problems You Should Consider Dental Emergencies

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For some people to book an appointment with the dentist, they would have to be experiencing excruciating pain. Although pain is a clear indicator that there is something wrong, this should not be the only benchmark for you to pay an emergency visit to the dentist. If any of your teeth have acquired trauma, it would be prudent to have it looked at by a dentist. This is because you may not be under any pain, but your nerves could have acquired serious damage without your knowledge. In addition to nerve damage, ignoring dental trauma because there is no pain could also put you at risk of developing an infection the longer the oral problem goes unattended. The following are some of the oral problems that require emergency dental care, whether you are in pain or not.

A tooth that is either cracked or part of it has broken off

It is not uncommon to find patients who have a cracked tooth or a broken tooth yet are not feeling any discomfort. Rather than put off a visit to the dentist until it is more convenient for you, you need to get emergency dental care as soon as possible. The sooner you have a dentist look at the extent of the crack, the better the chances of preventing any further damage to your tooth. If the tooth has broken off, your dentist may have to carry out root canal therapy to ensure bacteria has not made its way into the tooth.

If the damage is extensive, the dentist may have to resort to tooth extraction because the tooth may not be salvageable. In some cases, the crack may only affect the enamel or go as far as the dentin. In these instances, a crown would be used to camouflage any conspicuous damage to the tooth. Leaving a cracked or broken tooth unattended could eventually lead to an array of symptoms including increased sensitivity to temperature changes, throbbing pain, migraines and more.

An entire tooth has been knocked out

A misconception some people have is that once a tooth has been knocked out, there will not be any way to save it. The truth is that you chances of having your original tooth re-implanted back into its socket is by seeking immediate emergency dental care. The longer the tooth is left unattached, the higher the chances all the cells in its root will die off. Try to clean the tooth as best as you can then insert t back into its socket. Try to hold it in that position as you make your way to the dentist as soon as possible. If immediate reattachment is not possible, you still need to seek emergency dental care so that you can get a prosthetic tooth to fill in the empty gap.