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Why Has Your Denture Plate Warped?

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Although the materials used to make your dentures seem strong and inflexible, false teeth can change shape in certain circumstances. This can make wearing your dentures a problem. For example, if your denture plate becomes warped, it may move out of its original shape and is unlikely to fit perfectly any longer. When might dentures warp out of shape and what can you do about it?

Heat and Dentures

If you expose a denture to an excessive heat source, the denture may start to mould into a different shape and to show signs of warping. For example, this may happen if you soak your dentures in very hot water when you're cleaning them or storing them overnight. Leaving dentures in direct sunlight for long periods of time may also cause changes to their shape and fit.

Moisture and Dentures

If you allow your dentures to dry out, their plate may become warped, affecting their fit in your mouth. Typically, this won't be a problem if you simply forget to soak your dentures overnight or leave them out dry even for a day or two; however longer periods out of your mouth or out of a water soak when you aren't wearing your denture tooth or teeth may lead to warping.

Fixing Denture Warping

It's important to sort out your dentures if they do become warped. If your teeth no longer fit adequately, you may have difficulty keeping the denture in place and may find it hard to eat normally. Ill-fitting dentures can also rub against the soft tissues in your mouth. This rubbing can be uncomfortable and may lead to sores developing on your gums and soft tissues.

If your dentures have dried out and don't seem to fit well any longer, you can try soaking them in cold water to rehydrate them. While this may not fix extreme warping, soaking the dentures may solve minor tightening issues caused by a lack of moisture in the denture's plate. If a soak doesn't work, you shouldn't try any other do-it-yourself fixes on warped dentures. You're unlikely to get a precise fit back and may cause more damage to the plate or teeth.

If your dentures seem to have changed shape permanently, take them to your dentist for an assessment. Depending on the severity of the problem, your dentist may be able to arrange to have them fixed; however, in some cases, you may need to have replacement dentures made if your warped set can't be repaired.