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The Pros and Cons of Invisible Braces

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Invisible braces are clear plastic aligners that you can wear on your teeth in order to alter the position of those teeth and have a better smile/dental appearance. This article discusses some of the benefits and disadvantages of these aligners. Use this information to help you as you decide whether this is the correct solution for your dental problem.

The Pros

They are discreet. It is very hard to tell that someone is wearing invisible braces because they are clear. Such braces are very good for people who are self-conscious who want to conceal the fact that they are wearing braces.

There are no dietary restrictions if you wear them. One problem that metal braces have is that a user has to be careful about what they eat or else food particles will affect the wires of the braces. For instance, sticky things like sweets can be hard to remove if you have metal braces because they stick onto the wires. Clear braces can be removed when you are going to eat so there is no reason to alter your diet.

You experience less discomfort. Invisible braces are designed to be changed after a short time, usually every two weeks. This results in less discomfort since the teeth are not subjected to a great pulling force by any of the appliances. Each appliance is designed to achieve a slight movement of your teeth and that is why you will hardly feel any discomfort.

The Cons

They are suitable for minor defects only. You can only use invisible braces if you have a slight dental problem such as minimally misaligned teeth. It is very hard to use invisible braces to correct serious dental problems like severely rotated teeth.

They are more expensive than metal braces. Invisible braces are relatively more expensive than metal braces. You should expect to pay at least 20 percent more for the invisible braces, and that additional cost may put them out of reach if you have limited finances.

It is easy to forget to wear them. The success of invisible braces relies on how compliant the individual is by wearing the braces all day (except when he or she is eating, flossing or brushing). However, it is very easy to skip several hours or even days without wearing the invisible braces. This is because you can forget to wear them after removing them as you prepare to have a meal or floss.

Talk to your dentist so that he or she advises you on the suitability of invisible braces for your condition. He or she will also advise you on how to get the full benefits that these devices offer.