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Pearly Whites No More? Here Are Three Things That You Never Knew Could Stain Your Teeth

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Keeping your teeth in tip-top condition is a challenge for even the most health-conscious person.  You are probably aware of the poor dietary choices that can cause stained teeth. Smoking, fizzy drinks, and excess alcohol consumption are the worst culprits. But there are a glut of other foods and minerals that are considered bad for your teeth, and you may be surprised by some of them. You might be wondering why your teeth aren't in sparkling condition, despite following a healthy lifestyle and limiting the prime causes of discoloured teeth. Informing yourself of the following causes of stained teeth could shed some light on why your pearly whites are not looking as good as they should:

  • Iron. Iron deficiency is one of the most widespread deficiencies on the planet, with a mind-boggling two billion people around the world estimated to be anaemic. This means that there are millions of people right now taking supplements to improve their iron intake. If you are one of the many people supplementing with iron, be careful. Liquid iron supplements can cause staining of the teeth. To reduce your risk of further staining, be sure to mix any liquid iron supplements with fruit juice and drink through a straw. You may also be at risk of exposure if you work in an iron foundry.
  • Berries. Berries are often categorized as superfoods, delivering a whole range of impressive health benefits to the human body, including abundant levels of antioxidants. In fact, berries are ranked first among the fruits containing the highest concentration of antioxidants. Unfortunately, as with most good things in life, berries have a potential negative side effect. They can stain teeth because they are high in chromogens, which are compounds that cling to your enamel and cause discolouration. It is not advisable to avoid eating berries because of their wonderful antioxidant benefits, but in future it might be a good idea to drink some water while you eat them and clean your teeth after if possible.
  • Soy Sauce.  Popular Asian foods such as sushi and chow mein contain high levels of soy sauce. Despite tasting delicious, soy sauce could be contributing to your teeth not looking their sparkling best. Sauces with intense colour such as soy sauce and curry sauce contain deep levels of pigmentation that can yellow your teeth after extended use. You might want to think twice about adding a couple of extra dashes of soy sauce to your next Asian meal. Moderation is the key.

What Can You Do About Existing Stains?

If you consume any of the above foods or minerals, and you follow the precautions outlined, you are less likely to see future yellowing of the teeth. But what about existing stains? The best thing you can do to get rid of these unsightly marks and restore your teeth to their former glory is to book an appointment with your dentist at a place like Revesby Dental Centre for a teeth whitening treatment. There are a plethora of dentists offering teeth whitening services nowadays to suit any budget. They are a surefire way to improve the look of your teeth. A thorough teeth whitening treatment will give you the confidence to smile as wide as you can.