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What Problems Can Arise Out of Failing to Visit the Dental Office for Regular Check-Ups?

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When was the last time you visited the dentist office without needing treatment for a particular dental issue or dental emergency? If you can't recall when that was, you've probably been skipping routine dental check-ups. During this time, a lot of bad things could be taking place inside your mouth without you knowing. 

Continue reading on below to find out some of the dental issues that may arise due to failure to go for regular dental check-ups. 

Excessive plaque buildup

One of the things that dentists do when patients visit their offices for routine dental check-ups is providing professional dental cleanings. Dental cleanings are performed to remove plaque that may have accumulated in the mouth over time. Usually, these cleanings are necessary because daily brushing and flossing of the teeth alone is not enough to effectively get rid of all the plaque present inside the mouth. When it is newly formed on the teeth, plaque can give a slimy feel when touched with the tongue. It can also cause bad breath and tooth discolouration if not effectively removed for a long time. 

What's more, plaque carries harmful bacteria, which has the potential to cause gingivitis, which can advance into full-blown periodontitis (gum disease). Chronic gum disease can result in tooth loss. Therefore, effective removal of plaque through regular dental cleanings can go a long way towards ensuring you keep your adult teeth for as long as possible.

Dental disease 

While plaque accumulation inside the mouth can cause dental disease if left unattended for a long time, the disease can arise from other factors. Going for routine dental check-ups presents an opportunity for dentists to conduct a thorough examination of the patient's oral health, which helps to identify potential risk factors. Early diagnosis of any dental disease will lead to early intervention, which increases the likelihood of effective treatment. This, in turn, improves patient outcomes. 

If you disregard the need to go for a dental check-up on a regular basis, you shouldn't be surprised when your dentist finds that you are suffering from a serious dental disease.

As the wise saying goes, "prevention is better than cure," so you are better off going for scheduled dental check-ups instead of dealing with dental issues when they arise. The thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth as well as the professional teeth cleanings performed every time you visit your dentist will go a long way in keeping costly dental problems at bay.