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Just Had Your Teeth Professionally Whitened? Read This!

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Once you age, you will quickly find that your teeth do not have the natural brightness that came with youth. And this is not just limited to smokers, either. From the steady buildup of plaque and tartar to ingesting highly pigmented food and drinks, the enamel on your teeth is bound to lose its lustre and develop a distinct yellowing. Fortunately, teeth whitening has become one of the top dental procedures adults choose, so it is easily accessible in all dental practitioners' offices. Take note that professional whitening is better than at-home kits if you want an even and bright hue. Once you have your teeth whitened, here are a few measures to take so that you can ensure that the appearance of your teeth remains pristine for the long term.

Drink with a straw

A majority of substances that can cause permanent discolouration of your teeth are beverages. From cranberry juice to coffee, red wines to soda, regular consumption of these drinks can take you many steps back after having undergone professional teeth whitening. Whether or not you cut down on your intake of these beverages, it is imperative to start ingesting them with a straw. Consider investing in re-usable straws made from steel, or perhaps paper straws over plastic, so that you do not contribute to environmental degradation. Drinking with a straw will help significantly in preventing these drinks from coming into contact with your newly whitened enamel.

Include baking soda in your oral care routine

Baking soda has the uncanny ability to help eliminate surface stains on your teeth. And since this is a household ingredient, you can purchase some baking soda quite affordably at your local store! Adding a touch of baking soda to your toothpaste on occasion helps in scrubbing away minor discolourations that may happen after you have whitened your teeth. Another bonus advantage of incorporating baking soda into your oral care routine is that its properties also help in getting rid of bacteria that may be breeding in your mouth too!

Increase your intake of calcium

While tooth discolouration may be caused extrinsically, you should also be aware of the fact that what you eat also influences the condition of your teeth. And one mineral that is crucial to excellent oral health is calcium. When you have insufficient calcium in your diet, it causes the enamel to weaken. With time, the enamel starts to deteriorate, and this subsequently exposes the dentin underneath. Dentin is yellow, so its exposure makes your teeth seem duller than usual. By increasing your intake of foods such as broccoli and whole milk, you increase the chances of keeping your enamel in good condition.