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3 DIY Emergency Dentistry Hacks You Must Avoid

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Pain and discomfort are two feelings synonymous with dental emergencies. Most times, the pain is unbearable, leading you to take action the best way you know. Dental emergency hacks are getting quite common and might be tempting to attempt. While some of the hacks are tried and tested by professional emergency dentists, you should keep away from others. This article highlights DIY emergency dentistry hacks you should avoid at all costs.  

Pulling Teeth

When you have a loose tooth that is excruciatingly painful, you might be tempted to pull it out. The idea is that pulling out the tooth will alleviate the pain. For instance, some people tie one end of a flossing thread to a tooth and the other end to a heavy object. They then release the object and let gravity do its job. Never attempt it, no matter how bad the pain is. Pulling your tooth exposes you to a myriad of problems, such as excessive bleeding, infection spread, and damage to surrounding teeth and jawbone. Additionally, you reduce the chances of an emergency dentist saving your tooth if you yank it out. The best thing to do is take a painkiller and walk into an emergency dental clinic.

Removing Stuck Objects

Gnawing on a juicy bone, corn cob or a plastic object can create all sorts of problems when pieces get stuck between the teeth. If a piece goes deep enough, it might put pressure on your teeth, leaving you with an annoying and painful experience. In such cases, your mind races on how to remove the piece of bone or plastic. In most cases, a toothpick or floss are the go-to tools, and if they do not work, you start thinking about more elaborate ways to take care of the problem.

Well, struggling to remove a stuck object from between your teeth can potentially damage your teeth and gums. If brushing or flossing does not release a stuck object, your next stop should be at an emergency dental clinic. A dentist will remove the object fast and safely.

Re-Inserting Tooth Back in Socket

An emergency dentist can save your knocked-out tooth as long as you seek emergency care within 2 hours. Thus, it is essential to handle a tooth with care to increase the chances of success. One of the things you should not do is scrub a tooth even if it fell in a pile of dirt since it damages the roots. All you have to do is rinse gently with water. In addition, do not struggle to re-insert the tooth back in its socket because you risk damaging the gums. Instead, put the tooth in a jar of milk or between your gums and cheek.

To learn more about appropriately addressing these concerns, reach out to an emergency dentist.