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The Different Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options for Enhancing Your Smile

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A general dentist is your primary oral health care provider due to their role in preventing, detecting and addressing your oral health issues or concerns. Beyond helping you maintain good oral health, they can help to enhance your smile.

Cosmetic dental issues, such as chipped, broken, yellowed or missing teeth, not only dent your smile but can also affect your dental and overall health. Fortunately, general dentists offer various cosmetic dental solutions to help improve both the appearance and functionality of your teeth, allowing you to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. 

Here are some popular cosmetic dental treatments available to you.

Teeth whitening

It's perhaps the most popular cosmetic dental treatment due to the fact that it can be self-administered. DIY teeth whitening is preferable when you don't have the time, money or both, to get your teeth whitened professionally.  However, it does come with risks.

The at-home teeth whitening kits available over the counter may not make your teeth as white as you want due to having low concentrations of whitening agents. On the flip side, some home-based teeth whitening kits can expose you to high concentrations of whitening agents, potentially irritating or burning your gums.

The best way to achieve brilliant teeth whitening results and reduce the safety risks associated with DIY teeth whitening is to opt for treatment with dentist-administered custom whitening trays. These professional whitening trays will fit your teeth and gums perfectly and ensure safe and effective concentrations of whitening agents are used to deliver the desired results.

Dental crowns

Broken or severely decayed teeth are more than just an eyesore. If the damage or decay is not addressed quickly, the affected teeth can become weak and break with even the slightest pressure. Luckily, this can be prevented with dental crowns.

As the name implies, crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit over decayed or damaged teeth to provide protection and give a more natural appearance. 

Not all crowns are created equal. They come in various materials, which can vary greatly in terms of strength, durability, appearance and maintenance requirements. Some common types of crowns include porcelain crowns, composite resin crowns, titanium crowns, gold crowns, and so on.

Dental veneers

Unlike crowns, veneers are specifically designed to cover the front part of damaged teeth to improve their shape, size, colour and overall appearance. They're more of a cosmetic rather than functional restoration for the affected teeth.

Want to learn more about your cosmetic dental treatment options? Contact a local dentist today!