Emergency Dentistry on a Budget

3 Surprising Signs It’s Time To See A Dentist

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It’s typically recommended that people see a dentist every six months, or at least annually, for a good checkup and cleaning of their teeth and gums. Between these visits, there may be times when it’s obvious that you need to see a dentist, such as when you chip or break a tooth, but there are other symptoms of needed dental work that you may be overlooking. You might also be surprised at the services a dentist can offer you when it comes to your overall health and not just your oral health. Note the following. 1. When you snore...

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Oil Pulling: Miracle Mouthwash or Dental Deception?

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It seems as if every new day brings with it another ‘miracle remedy’, steeped in ancient folklore and promising to rid you of your dependence on vaguely nasty-sounding chemicals. The technique known as oil pulling is often categorised along with the rest of the pseudo-scientific scams that are flooding the modern medical scene—however, oil pulling has some genuine history backing it up. What is it? Put simply, oil pulling is the practice of swishing and holding oil in the mouth, usually coconut oil but sometimes sunflower,...

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How A Dentist Can Help With Problems That Are Affecting Your Sleep

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A good night’s sleep is more important to your overall health than many people realise. During sleep your body restores and repairs its cells and gets the rest it needs to stay energised throughout the next day. Sleep must be undisturbed for a full night in order to get maximum benefit, but often snoring and sleep apnea (a cessation of breathing during sleep) interfere with healthy sleep. Misaligned teeth can also interfere with sleep. If you suffer from any of these conditions, consider how a dentist may be the right person to visit...

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